week in the life 2017 : tuesday

November 8, 2017

5: 00 AM // My alarm goes off and I get up immediately. I have been restless for awhile because I have a headache, so it’s not hard. Although I try not to overmedicate myself, there are some headaches I just need help with so I take some ibuprofen. I know that if I sit down to do Bible reading right away I won’t be able to focus, so instead I make breakfast and coffee while listening to the pray-as-you-go podcast. 5:15 AM // I sit down to eat my breakfast and do my daily Bible reading and say a few prayers. 5:46 AM // Read a canto of Dante’s Inferno. 6:00 AM // I tidy up the kitchen and…
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week in the life 2017 : monday

November 7, 2017

Welcome to a week in my life! This is a yearly project that I haven’t done in two years (oops) and I’m excited to bring back. This is a fairly normal week for our family with a good mix of things going on. I am personally fascinated by other people’s day-to-day lives, so I hope you enjoy this peek into mine! 5:10 AM // I wanted to get up by myself, but Liam is awake too. We went to bed early last night because we had an exhausting weekend and the time just changed, so I’m not surprised that he’s up. We go sit in my chair and I begin my Bible reading. Since June I have been following a…
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all the updates

November 3, 2017

Hey, so the last time I posted was almost two months ago, and I was super duper depressed. While I can’t promise that I’ll be back to regular posting, I do have an update today! Linking up with Kelly… 1 – I can now say for sure that anti-depressants are one of the best modern inventions. I’m so happy most of the time! I like to think that some of that is due to all the work I’ve been doing on myself in recovery, but even if it’s all because of the meds I’m okay with that. It’s working, hence having more energy to write to you now. 2 – RCIA is in full swing! (If you don’t remember, RCIA…
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ten ways i’m working through depression

September 11, 2017

For the past several months, I have been experiencing depression and anxiety like I never have before. I have had short-lived periods of it, mostly situational, but they resolved and in general I have always thought of myself as being free from mental health problems. At first I thought that it was normal hormonal stuff, because it was coming cyclically. But it kept getting worse, so I finally went to see my OB/Gyn about it. She tested my hormones, which all came back normal, and didn’t end up prescribing me anything because my description of it didn’t sound like typical PMDD. I have known this doctor for about seven years, we have had fairly frequent contact, and I trust her….
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hurricane harvey and other updates

September 1, 2017

When I resumed blogging I told myself no pressure. Post when you feel like it! Don’t impose a schedule on yourself! I thought that would be difficult for my personality since I’m usually all or nothing, but as it turns out, it has been rather easy! Ha. I haven’t had much brain space for deep thinking lately, so here is a list of thoughts. Linking up for Seven Quick Takes. 1 – The biggest thing that has happened around here recently is, obviously, Hurricane Harvey. First of all: we, along with all of our family, are safe. We are also mostly dry. My parents’ house took on about 6 inches of water and lost a lot, but it will probably…
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