what i read : january to march 2014

April 10, 2014

Wow, I can’t believe I only read four books in the last three months. You would think that being on maternity leave I would’ve read a ton but in reality I was busy catching up on TV and other projects. I regret nothing. Longbourn by Jo Baker – This book was my jam. It’s Pride and Prejudice from the servants’ point of view, but totally stands on its own as a story. Loved it and highly recommend. (5 stars) Margot by Jillian Cantor – A hopeful and compassionate story that explores what Anne Frank’s sister Margot’s life might have been like had she lived. Simple and straightforward but I liked it. (3 stars) Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers – I…
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thoughts on personal style

April 9, 2014

Soon after Liam was born this chambray button-up shirt went on sale at J.Crew Factory. I had wanted one for ages but it was hard for me to pay a high price for it, and the ones at Target or equivalent weren’t very flattering. With the sale (that is still going on!) it was a good deal, so I bought it and it was the best purchase I’ve made in a long, long time. This shirt is amazing. It’s not too thin or too thick. It’s loose enough but still flattering to my figure. It’s a neutral so it pretty much goes with everything. I wear it with maxi skirts, jeans, and yoga pants. You could wear it buttoned up…
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April 8, 2014

returning┬áto our routine after last week’s hospital visit. learning to administer nebulizers to a baby, and praying he doesn’t develop asthma as a result of this RSV. coughing up a storm. grateful for my short commute (as I am everyday…I don’t know if the excitement over it will ever wear off). sleeping poorly still; between my sore throat, Liam’s coughing, and our dog, something is always waking me up. drinking two cups of coffee per day. contemplating posting to the blog five days a week; I’m very inspired right now but I’m not convinced I could maintain it in the future. spending my downtime at work (which is a lot) taking continuing education classes. preparing to press my quilt rows…
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project life 2014 : weeks 11 – 12

April 7, 2014

We are on the mend in our house, worn out but trying to get back to normal. Liam is still a bit sick but is definitely over the hump. I have a very sore throat but so far nothing worse than that. Our dog is still crazy but we are managing it. So moving on! With this I am caught up with Project Life posting! From now on I should post each spread every two weeks, approximately a week later.┬áThis is from March 10-23. The first week was when my best friend Becca was in town, and the second week was my last before returning to work. I used the photo from my spring goals post, and just added the…
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to the hospital and back

April 4, 2014

Hey, so what started out at the beginning of this week as what I thought was a mild cold or allergies in Liam turned into a full-blown case of RSV & bronchiolitis that required him to be hospitalized for two days. So this is where I have to admit to a mom fail. On Monday he was already getting sick and had a wet cough, but I sent him to daycare anyway because he didn’t have a fever. Tuesday I realized it was more serious than allergies so I kept him home. By the end of that day his breathing was very labored and wheezy and I diagnosed him myself with bronchiolitis. I knew there wasn’t any treatment for it…
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