holiday to-do list

November 27, 2013

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I’m super excited about it; it’s such a low-pressure, relaxing holiday. I also love that it ushers in the true holiday season and my mind is already there. As Meredith gets older the activities and traditions of it all are becoming more important to me. This year I’m also trying to stay on top of things and not wait until the last minute like I usually do, mostly because of my increasing fatigue and discomfort. So here’s my list of things to do before Christmas: + decide on cards (actually I think I might skip cards this year and just send out birth announcements instead) + finalize wish list and send to family + buy and…
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meredith lately

November 25, 2013

So Meredith is entering the adorable stage where you can really have almost normal conversations and interactions with her. Yeah she has her frustrating moments of tantrums and throwing things and disobeying but all around she’s pretty great. I don’t want to forget the funny or cute things she says, and thus a new series is born. After I put a new adorable outfit on her… Me: Go show daddy how cute you look. Meredith: (strutting toward him) wookit my cute! Talking about our plans for the day… Me: So Mimi is going to pick you up from school and take you to see Pappy later! Meredith: But no Gigi, Gigi home hedden wit Gah (heaven with God). At my…
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30 weeks + pregnancy to-do list

November 22, 2013

Symptoms: Oh man, I am just really tired all the time. Of course it’s worse during the week when I’m working but even when I’m just resting over the weekend I never really feel refreshed or energized. Sometimes I get short of breath for no reason, or I feel like the blood has drained out of me. And right now I have a cold that is super annoying. I have aches and pains, mostly in my upper ribs, but they are bearable. Overall I would say that this has been an easier pregnancy than my first, but the fatigue is just way, way worse. Medical stuff: Not a lot to report really. I passed my glucose tolerance test, and my blood counts…
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stitch fix : maternity edition

November 19, 2013

I had a lot of fun when I tried out Stitch Fix for the first time, so when I had a little credit built up (thank you to whoever signed up using my referral link!!) I decided to give it another go and see how they did with maternity clothes. I specified that I was quite pregnant and wanted maternity tops that could transition to non-maternity as well, if possible. They did a great job! These pictures from a few weeks ago are pretty terrible, but you can get the general idea. This first was billed as a mini-dress and I was on the fence about whether or not to keep it. I thought it was really cute, but worried…
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quick takes

November 15, 2013

I can never seem to get these quick takes up before late Friday afternoon. Ah well, let’s knock em out. one Remember how I said I was having car trouble? Turns out that while we were away for the weekend and my car was safely stowed away in the garage, some kind of rodent crawled into the engine and starting chewing up wires to the tune of $545. Not cool. I guess that could have happened to any car, but we are still considering trading mine in pretty soon because it’s having more and more problems recently. two I had such a relaxing weekend when we were on our mini trip, yet I still felt just as tired when we…
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