project life 2014 : weeks 31 – 32

August 20, 2014

Time for another Project Life update! Here we have the usual two week spread ranging from July 28 to August 10, in my usual neutral style with no inserts. On the left side I documented our date night, the start of Meredith’s swim lessons, and her sickness. Filler and journaling cards are from the Midnight edition. On the right side we have a few everyday photos, the start of my half marathon training, and a QR code with a link to a video of Liam swinging that I thought was hilarious. Here is a good tutorial for making these QR code cards. I put it together myself in Photoshop Elements without a template. (And also, I am under no illusion…
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on contentment

August 19, 2014

Contentment is one of those things that you never really master, is it? It seems to come and go. Right now I’m searching for it. There has been a lot written on the internet about fighting comparison. Sure I deal with that from time to time: wanting my life to look a little more like hers, wishing my blog was as successful as that one or that I had the resources to pull off that project. I’m searching my heart, though, and I think that I’m being truthful when I say that I don’t really play the comparison game too much. I know that we all have different struggles and we are all coming from totally different places and we…
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liam at seven months

August 18, 2014

He:  >Still has the bump on his head from his vacuum-assisted birth attempt. I’m wondering if it’ll ever go away at this point. >Was in the 95th percentile for weight at his last checkup. >Dropped a bottle per day in favor of baby food. >Is eating mostly jarred baby food, when he eats solids, since we had a bunch given to us and that’s what they have at daycare. >Has no teeth, and doesn’t seem to be actively teething yet. >Is in an awkward stage for bathing where he doesn’t fit his infant tub but he’s not stable enough to go in the big tub with Meredith. >Still sucks his thumb often, and likes to have something else in his…
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link roundup / 9

August 16, 2014

Today I’m sharing some stuff I found around the internet. Enjoy! >I’ve read a lot of lists with iPhone tips, but I still learned several new things from this one. >I’m a big fan of Book Riot, and they recently started a YouTube channel which I am really enjoying. I especially love the videos by Amanda – check out this one about how to read multiple books at once. >What it means to be raw with God. >Do you collect books, so that your shelves are like a time capsule of memories? Or do you want them to reflect who you are today? (Good thoughts here.) >Interested in frugal natural living? You gotta check out Hello Natural. >Love this free…
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August 15, 2014

Genius: Meredith has been in swim lessons the past two weeks. It’s every day at 6:15 p.m. I usually don’t make any plans on week days due to the stress factor so this has been kind of crazy for us. My genius, though, was to simply delegate the whole thing to David. That way I can nurse Liam and make dinner peacefully while they’re gone, we eat as soon as they get home, and then it’s bedtime. Easy. Fail: Weekend naps continue to be a sticking point for us. They never happen in an orderly or easy fashion and we routinely suffer the consequences. Last Sunday, Meredith started dozing off on the way home from church. She woke up when we arrived…
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