february recap and march goals

March 7, 2018

Another really busy month is finished and I’m behind on writing this post. In February: I turned 36 Lent began, and I celebrated the Rites of Sending & Election with the Catholic Church My parked car was hit on the street and spent two weeks in the shop We threw a birthday party for our two cats I had a friend visit from Norway (who I had never met in person) and we went to Austin for a girls’ weekend David got a CPAP for his sleep apnea and his life was changed Much of the above I wish I could dedicate entire posts to, but this will have to suffice since I am just now getting caught up with…
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ah, february

February 12, 2018

Everyone everywhere is over February, and I get it. I’m done with the weather too, but in all other respects I have had a lovely start to the month. For starters, it was my birthday. The day itself was delightfully normal. A standard work day when everything went right. But over the weekend David and I got a date night – we got steak and finally saw The Last Jedi – and the kids spent the night with his parents. This was our first date in months! The next day we had a family dinner to celebrate several adult birthdays, and I got some lovely and perfect gifts for me, and have been eating very well. Lots of chocolate has been consumed….
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thoughts on blogging and social media

February 8, 2018

Hi! Today I’m going to get a little meta and blog about blogging. These are just my thoughts about how I want to proceed with it. I took almost a year off posting, and it was absolutely what I needed. I missed it for various reasons, so I’ve been posting sporadically in the past half year. Right now I want to figure out how and if I am going to continue with it. What I love about blogging: writing helps me process things (and doing it for an audience helps me to be precise in what I want to say and therefore clarifies my thoughts), it spurs on my creativity, I enjoy connecting with others through this medium, and I…
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8 things i’m doing for myself on my birthday

February 5, 2018

Today I turn 36! This year I made a list of things to do for myself during my birthday month. I decided to spread them out through the month because most of them cost money and we are still recovering financially. Some of them are treats, some are things that will improve my life, and some are just necessary. Regardless, it will feel good to get them done! Here is my list, along with some ideas on how you could adapt it: 1 – Make a fun playlist. Although I’m not a huge music person (I usually enjoy silence or podcasts more), sometimes it is just what I need. I recently got Spotify premium, and I’d like to make a…
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january recap and february goals

February 2, 2018

January was a BIG month for us. Here are some things that happened: My best friend had a gender reveal party and we found out she is having a girl! I attended an intensive family program at the rehab center for three days Liam turned 4 and we hosted a party for family at our home David, a niece and nephew of mine, my SIL, and my mom all celebrated birthdays as well Started a weekly Friday night dinner rotation with my good friend and neighbor David came home on Friday, January 26! As far as my goals, here is how I did: Monthly Memorize the Chaplet of Divine Mercy – Done! Read the Al-Anon Big Book – I read…
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